We are a dynamic, innovative European pharmaceutical company that cares about the health and wellbeing of people in Africa, recognized by our customers as a reliable health solution provider we deliver a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products and services which are at the reach of every patient.



Our vision


Meet unmet medical needs

We continue to develop and identify new treatments against malaria and other tropical diseases and we keep on diversifying our product range, with the aim of meeting the previously unmet medical needs of the African population.


• Focus on teamwork

Our strong, enthusiastic, dynamic and open minded team reflects the key values of Dafra Pharma as a global pharmaceutical company: expertise, reliability, quality and trust. Our employees step up to issues with honesty, expertise and persistence, respecting the unique identity of our customers, listening to their needs and meeting or exceeding their expectations.


• Valued and trustworthy partnerships

We open doors to potential partners who want to join us in our Research and Development program, who can contribute in the production of new medicines in all galenic forms, or who are looking for an experienced partner for the distribution and marketing of medicines in Africa. 


Dafra Pharma International

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