Our family company evolved in just over a decade into a global pharmaceutical company


Between 1997 and today an impressive number of pages have been written in the history of Dafra Pharma. What initially started as a family company focusing on malaria treatments, evolved in just over e decade into a global pharmaceutical company with a strong product portfolio.

The foundations pf the current Dafra Pharma International structure have been laid by the successful development and worldwide distribution of malaria treatments based on artemisinin derivatives. On these stable and through customers recognized and valued foundations we at Dafra Pharma built our entire product diversification program, turning Dafra Pharma into a total health care solution provider.

Throughout Africa, Dafra Pharma managed to establish a unique local commercial network that feels the heartbeat of the African market. 150 people carry out our Dafra message globally. 


Dafra Pharma International

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